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My pup has gone crazy!

I have a 6 months old maltese called Terri. When I first brought him home when he was two months old, he learnt to pee on the paper the 2nd day he was home. I was so delighted and thought he was such an intelligent pup. However, about a month ago, he starts to pee everywhere. He could even pee when he is lying on his bed or on the carpet. I just don't understand why. I scolded him and even spank him, but few hours later, the habit just come back.

I've realised that whenever I'm around him, he will start to pee everywhere or even control himself from urine. Sometimes, he only pee twice a day or so, and yet he drinks a lot. When I'm not around, he will do all his business on the paper. Why is it so?

Moreover, I also noticed that he starts to pee on my guest whenever someone visit me. It's so embarrassing.Please help me!

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