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Maltese Coat Colour
by Martina
Maltese Coat Colour Hi, We have a new fur baby her name is Kimba and she is now 3 months old. I can't even begin to explain how she changed our lives for the better. I can't wait to go home to hold her, my mind is constantly thinking of her it's like being in love again. My husband calls me at work to find out how was she at lunch because I go to take her out for 45min. She goes nuts when she sees my daughter they are crazy about each other. She's soooo cute when I have some time I will write some stories about her and the cat it's so funny. But for now I just wanted to ask a question regarding her coat colour.

Did any of your Maltese have some tan colour spots on their coat. Sometimes she looks white and sometimes she looks a cream colour, she does have a small spot on her back and on her ear in a light tan colour. Please let me know if this is normal, and if so does it fade as they get older or perhaps when she change her puppy coat. (not to worry we love her for what she is even if she had black spots.) Thank you for your help..


>Martina, First of all Congratulations on your furbaby! They are just so full of love and affection you can't resist them. And they know it too! A Maltese Coat should be white although there is sometimes a lemon/tan on the ears. My Buster has the lemon colored ears. I haven't heard of it being anywhere else. But don't worry...just love her all the more.
Libby & Buster

Congratulations on your new love! Yes, the tan spots are normal and should fade with time. Try using a shampoo for white coats. It is usually blue in color. This has helped Noah's coat get brighter. Check the Petsilk banner at the top of this site. They carry a shampoo like this or check with your local pet store.
April B.
Maggie has spots on her back too. She used to just have one, but she was diagnosed with White Dog Shaker Syndrome last fall(she is all better now), and she was given prednisone(sp?) to get her better. So, she lost most of her hair. In February, her hair started to grow back. Along with the hair, was tan colored spots. I bet she has about 4 or 5. I don't know why this happened, but it did. My husband and I don't care because we love her so much, but we thought that is was weird. We are getting ready to take a trip back to see our family for Mother's Day, and nobody has seen Maggie since Christmas(She had no hair then.). Maggie is pretty excited about showing off her hair, even if there is some tan spots.
Jennifer & Maggie
Hi Martina. Welcome to the wonderful world of Maltese ownership. I feel just as you do. As far as coat coloring, I know it is quite common for Maltese to have tan or lemon colored ears. Especially when they are puppies. This usually fades by the time they are a year old I'd say. Angel had tan ears and a fairly large darker spot right in the middle of her back. It sort of looked like she had a dirty spot there. Her ears did get whiter within the first year. She had the spot on her back for approximately 2-1/2 to 3 years and I never really thought it would go away. And then , I don't really know when, but I noticed about a year ago the spot on her back was completely gone, never to return. This might be the way it goes with your baby, too. Don't forget, you promised stories.
Sandee M.
Not to worry go to the place on this sight named American Standards for maltese, and that will stop you concern. About the daughter my daughter is 17 and Aurora is so madly in love with her, that ones wonders just how much one little dog love, that much, she will cry and wine when my daughter get out of the car and does not take her along. In the days long gone by, ladies would wear dress with big sleeves and carry their maltese with them hidden in these sleeves, think about it.
Hi ! I recently saw one that was cream/buff all over, cutest thing, it just means it cannot be shown ! As for the buff/lemon on ears etc. it's quite normal and usually dissapears as hair grows in. There is no puppy or adult coat, it's just hair ! Color on ears o.k for show, but NOT on body !
It is common and accepted to have "lemon" on tips of ears, although apparently not as desireable as their all white friends. My boy maltese is snow white except for a little bit of cream, about the size of a quarter on his back. You can barely tell it's there. Apparently it's common, too. One breeder that I talked to about a different dog long after buying Beau said that it many times fades. My new girl baby has the cream ears and is adorable. I think she is as desireable as any!
Martina: My BriAnna (1 yr. 5 mo.'s) has a tan spot on her back and has them behind her ears. She didn't have them from a baby, they developed later on. Some dogs have them and some do not. It is completely normal and will not harm your little girl. The only spots to worry about are ones that are red or inflamed, so she is just normal. I'm not sure if she'll outgrow them or not. Maybe when she loses her puppy coat and gets her adult coat they will go away-it is possible. Take Care!
Martina, That is quite normal. My litte one, Amber, had tan colored ears and a spot on her back when we got her at age 8 weeks. Now she is 17 months old. It is hardly visible. My other Maltese, Munchkin, had lemon coloring on her ears when she was puppy. My Maltese books says this ok. Some has tan colored spots, some has lemon colored spots. So don't worry, it is normal and ususally goes away with the countinued grooming. Actually, I wish Amber kept her tan colored ears, she looked so cute with them.
Congradulations on your new baby. My Maltese book says lemon color on the ears is acceptable. My Tasha has some lemon or tan on her ears, she is 7mos. old and I'm hoping when her adult coat comes in it will be white. My other Maltese was pure white, no discolration at all, but no matter what this little baby of mine has won my heart!
Hello Martina, My Puff has tan ears and a little light tan on her back, but the fur growing underneath is pure white, so I expect she will be all white one day. Problem is the staining from her tears actually doesnt look so bad with her ears tan. I am afraid she will really look awful when all the white hair comes in. Oh well...I'll still love her anyway :) Best of luck with your new little one!
I would like to thank veryone for helping me with all the answers. This way when someone asks me why my Maltese have a bit of tan colour I will proudly say that's normal in Maltese and that my Maltese is pure. Sandee M. I did promise some stroies about the cat and the dog. I will write one up when I get some time and the title will be "Cat fear response" my english may not be the best but you guys are best. Thanks again and god bless.

PS I just love my Kimba, maybe someone can tell me how to send a picture to Jay so he can add it to the album, I don't know how to do that. Thanks.

My Maggie has some tan colors on body as well as on her ears....My question is How old must she be to have an adult coat....she is 5 months old right now......she has some across her back....when she is dirty it is more noticeable...I think it probably is worst when she needs to be bathed because we pet her all the time and I think some of it comes from our hands.......any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.......Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's.....

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