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Maltese dog Exam
How well do you know them?
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1. A Maltese should be thoroughly groomed:

[] Whenever matting starts to appear
[] Twice a month should be sufficient
[] Every other day or at least twice a week
[] Don't know

2. To improve the coat and skin of your Maltese, you should feed it:

[] A diet high in Vitamin C
[] A no fat diet
[] A lamb and rice formula diet
[] Don't know

3. A Maltese having black points refers to:

[] The black pigmentation such as eyerims, lips and nose
[] Points received in obedience class
[] An undesireable trait or traits
[] huh?

4. The American Standard for the Maltese says:

[] The eyes are to be black
[] Light tan or lemon on the ears is permissable
[] The nose is to be dark brown or black
[] All of the above
[] None of the above
[] huh? What's a Standard?

5. One of the most common problems with many Maltese is:

[] Howling
[] Finicky eating habits
[] Tearstaining
[] Chasing cars
[] All of the above
[] Don't know

6. The official AKC Standard for the Maltese says "Weight under seven pounds, with from four to six pounds preferred. Over-all quality is to be favored over size".

[] True
[] False

7. A Maltese puppy's baby teeth will fall out usually at:

[] Birth
[] 1-2 months of age
[] 4-5 months of age
[] Close to 1 year of age
[] Don't know

8. It is suggested by the majority of honest and educated Maltese breeders that a Maltese puppy not be removed from their original environment not much before:

[] 5 weeks of age
[] 6 weeks of age
[] 8 weeks of age
[] 12 weeks of age
[] Any age-The sooner the better
[] Don't know

9. Which one of these famous people never owned a Maltese?

[] Burt Reynolds
[] Elizabeth Taylor
[] Frank Sinatra
[] Hallie Barry
[] Mia Farrow
[] Liberace
[] Lee Remmick
[] Heather Locklear

10. The AKC Breed Standard for the Maltese was last changed in:

[] 1963
[] 1972
[] 1990
[] It has never been changed
[] Don't know. Couldn't even guess.

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