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Maltese stop growing?
by nanci
I was wondering when Maltese stop growing. I did try to check the archives, but it wouldn't load. My female maltese was 3.5 lbs at 14 weeks (when I got her), 4.2 at 16 weeks and 4.7 lbs at 21 weeks (present). I think she was about 3 lbs at 12 weeks. Any guesses as to her full grown weight?......and again, when can I expect she will she stop growing?

This is my first maltese......and I couldn't have made a better choice in a pet. She is so affectionate and a real joy to have around. Her name is 'Ally'. Thanks so much!


Nanci, this is varies by each dog. I have 2 Malts. Munchkin is around 9 pounds and Amber is around 5 pounds. Depends on the dog. I think, they continue to grow till they are around six months old. Have a great day!

The previously suggested formula was to take the weight at twelve weeks & double it then add a pound - this would lead me to believe that Ally will be about seven pounds. This held true with my Phoebe and most everyone here. BUT, different dogs do grow at different rates and there really isn't a concrete way of figuring it out.
Leslie R
Nanci..Lucy stopped growing at about 8 mo and is 7.8 lb. at age 3 (her birthday was the 4th of this month).
cathy brown
I agree with Cathy. My Maltese was also about 3 pounds at 12 weeks and ended up at around 8 and 1/2 pounds. He stopped growing at about 8 months.
April B
Nanci: Orion is almost 9 months. She now is 3 pounds. Orion stopped growning at 6 months. I'm hoping she gets a little bigger. The 12 week formula was true to form. We just didn't want her so small ( thinks she's a Rottweiler ) good luck with your little baby no matter the size they're great. LOL
When I got Tasha at 11 weeeks she weighed 3.5 lbs. She will be a yr. old next week and is 7.5 lbs. I think she is done growing. She's been spayed, which I understand they do tend to put on weight, but I don't think she will ever go over 8lbs. Sometimes when I weigh her she is just at 7lbs. but then she'll go to 7.5.
Dottie & Tasha
Nancy,Socks is now one year and two months and she's a wopping 3 lbs 4 ounces, and we love it!! Our vet told us at 8 months that she probably wouldnt grow anymore. Everywhere we take her we always get comments about how cute she is, and how small and "is she going to get any bigger?" is asked the most. Angela
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