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shakers disease
My Dixie is 3 yrs old, and was diagnosed with "Shakers Disease in white dogs" (yes, this is the actual name of the disease). She has to be on a small maintenance dose of steriods to control the shaking. Has anyone ever had this diagnosis for their pet. I'm looking for any and all info on it. The steriods make her hungry and thirsty all the time. Her weight has shot up to 15 pounds, but the vet is not concerned about it, said it is expected.


Never heard of this - what is it? my little boy shakes a lot but I thought it's just cause he's a more nervous dog in general (a little on the chicken-ish side) especially in the car - he shakes likes there's an earthquake. But once out of the car - he's fine.

Diane, I'm sorry to hear of Dixie's problem. Yes, my Baby had it too a year ago and after the steroid treatment (for quite some time) she is now back to normal. Look in the archives--there's lots of previous discussions on this topic. If you need further support or help, you can get my E-mail address from Jay and I will be happy to help. Gaeti
Diane, I'm sorry to hear about Dixie. My baby, Maggie, also had this disease, "White Dog Shaker Syndrome". She also had the steriods and is fine now. Watch what you are feeding Dixie. We were warned not to let Maggie have too much food, because she is extra hungry. They didn't want her gaining any weight. We were to put the food down and let her eat what she wanted, and then pick it up and wait for the next day. She did just fine. We had a lot of puddles on the floor, but that is just because she had to drink so much. I do want to tell you though that a couple weeks ago, Maggie had the shaking come back.(She had been completely cured as of January.) The vet said that it is normal for that to happen. She was shaky for a day or two, and now is back to normal again. Just give Dixie lots of love and make sure she gets everything she wants. Maggie probably didn't notice she got everything she wanted, but it sure made me feel better. And please if you have any questions, my e-mail address is in the forum directory. Please e-mail me. I wish that I would have had somebody to help my husband and I when our baby got sick. I will try and help with any questions you have. Good luck!
Jennifer & Maggie
I question the "shakers disease" as well. We have two 9-year old Maltese babies; one who is quite calm and the other who shakes during storms, power outages, and riding in the car. Next vet visit, I'm asking the question. Whenever our Shadow has a "shaking" episode, we hold him and he snuggles, but still shakes. One of our past vets recommended a mild sedative but said it would create a lethargic personality. No way was I wanting my Shadow's spirit changed. We continue to hold him during the rough times. We'll pass on our current vet's suggestions if any.

When a dog has White Dog Shaker Syndrome, they will shake all the time. It isn't just when they are scared of a storm or in a car ride. Maggie would shake all the time, expect when she was laying down. She couldn't stand or jump. I don't want anybody to think that their baby has this disease because they shake when a storm comes up. That sounds just like fear. If your baby shakes all the time, then you do need to see a vet. This disease usally hits around 1-3 years of age. They say it is with young dogs. We went through a lot with Maggie when she had this. I'm so glad that she is well again.
Jennifer & Maggie
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