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Skin growths
by Ann
I recently found some growths on my Maltese (rescue-age unknown, I was told 5, but probably closer to 7). I took her to a vet who said that "poodles" often have these wart-type growths and they are nothing to worry about, but she could get more. I guess the vet knew what he was talking about, other than the breed of my dog. Does anyone else's dog have these? Is there something you can do about them? Is there a prevention? The vet I went to (we just moved and I went to the one available at Petsmart) didn't seem to be a wealth of information. I just don't want her to have these ugly growths all over!! Help!


Ann, the only experience I have had with this is with my previous Malt who passed in Oct 97 at age 16. He got those Wartlike bumps around the age of 12. The vet it was natural in an older dog and not to worry unless they got mushy or bigger. I haven't heard of that in a younger dog. Maybe someone else has.
Libby & Buster

Well as some of you know, Cubbie had a bump on his neck that eventually did turn mushy. Our vet said it was a surface infection. We are currently trying to get it cleared up with medicines etc. I have heard that most older dogs get these bumps and that it is nothing to worry about, but it would still freak me out. I am getting older too and I am starting to get bumps on my face, hahahaha. (I am serious, I really am).
Felicia & Cubbles
Both my dogs have had warts since they were about a year old. When they get very dry, I pull them off. They appear to be a seed-type of growth and don't get very big. None of the vets I've taken them to seem to be the slightest bit concerned.
Ann, I was so glad to see your post, I was coming on to ask the same question myself. My little Angel who is 6 years old recently developed two warts. She appears to be in totally good health and the warts are not painful to her. I debated whether to go see the vet. I suspected that maybe they were not something to worry about but its great to see your question and the responses you got. Thanks
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