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Yellow-tan hair?
by Dottie
Yellow-tan hair?When i first bought Tasha at 11 wks. old, she had tan or yellow mixed with white on her ears. The breeder said this would go away when her adult coat came in. The ears are still the same, but since her hair is growingin from the puppy cut I notice there are tan or yellow patches on her body--she's not shed her puppy coat yet as she is not yet 9mos. old. Will this go away? I've never seen a Maltese but there coat was ice white, is she going to be not of a good breed? God knows I paid enough for her. Also the breeder put down on her papers 6 black points, I've noticed 2 of her paws have 2 pads that are 1/2 pink, how can the breeder put this down on her papers when the black points may not devolpe until 1 yr. of age. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, would never part with her if she turned out to be all tan. Anyone have an answer?


Dottie, it sounds like watching for a pot to boil. If you watch too closely, she won't turn, you know. (okay, okay, just kidding!). Baxter and Rudy both came with tan ears. Baxter's disappeared I think sometime after the first year. Rudy still has them (he's 8 mos), but they'll go away eventually. In the meantime, I kind of like them. As for black points, I've never heard about them being "counted" on the papers. I keep counting on my fingers and can't figure out where she got "6" from?

Dottie, I have heard of the tan ears...Buster has tan in his ears...such a cutie pie. He just turned 10 mos old. Buster's body is still pink and his entire coat is white other than the ears. His lips and nose are entirely black. His eyelids are still pink. Some of his pads are starting to turn black. I wouldn't worry about Tasha having the Tan...makes her special. Just love her with all your heart.
Libby & Buster
I don't know what to tell you about how the breeder can do that, but Maggie also has the tan spots. She always had one, but since she got sick, lost her hair, and when it grew back, there were even more spots, about 5 or 6. At first I was bothered, and would have my husband come in and look at her when she was getting her bath. You can really see the spots then. She looks almost all tan on top when she is wet. But I have gotten used to them and I just say that is part of her personality. She doesn't have the perfect white coat, but it gives her some character. Not that she needs any help with that, she is quite a character otherwise, but aren't they all. I don't worry about it anymore. It just makes her more special.
Jennifer & Maggie
Not to worry having yellow or tan on the ears is ok, as I understand it, my little one has it and that is how we picked her name Aurora, which means golden sunset, and the color on her ears is that color, you might check American Standards for Maltese on this sight, my Aurora was a pound hound anyway, I have no intention of showing her, even if I could, so the family is happy with her just the way she is.
My puppy's papers also say black points, and she was three months old when I got her. At the time she was all white, but since then she has begun to get tan patches, starting with her ears. It says in my bill of sale that she was sold as a pet quality dog, not as a breeding dog or a show dog, so I don't know if there would be any way to get some of your money back without losing the dog. I've wondered about the tan coloring too, but I love Binky and it doesn't matter what color she is.
When we got Sammy(now 3years) he had tan ears and a few spots on his back, when he was about a year they went away, and now he is pure white. When we got Missy at 4 mos she didnt have papers so not sure how pure but she had this brown, dark brown spot that ran from her tail to her butt. Now at 9 mos you have to look real hard to see that spot as it has faded to a very pale yellow. Im sure your baby will be outgrow this. I was upset that Missy had her spot, but loved her soo much and accepted her faults :)
Thanx guys, glad to hear there are other Maltese with the tan or yellow. I love Tasha dearly, she's such a clown and really a beautiful doggie. Was just curious. Marie, the six points I beleive are the eyes {black rims} the liprs {black} and the pads on 4 feet. Maybe Jay knows for sure.
Dottie, I've never heard points being counted. Maybe the AKC started a new way of registering them, I don't know? I really never paid much attention to it.
Dottie, Don't worry about the points. Tiffini is my first maltese and she is pure but the pigmentation did not take around her left eye and the breeder did not want her, she was the only female and was supposed to go as the pick of the litter. Well she is now 13 and 1/2 months and she still has a pink rim around this eye, but this makes her unique. She is beautiful and makes our lives wonderfully happy (at times a living Hell but a nice one). She has her buddy Precious 17 yrs.(a terripoo). and they are like 2 peas in a pod. I just know Tasha has to be beautiful. I don't have an answer to your question but she will be unique in her own way if these features don't go away. Just love her and she will make your life full.
Betty & Tiffini Too
Dottie, I'm about to mess up your count... Don't forget the nose. Also, if you're not counting the eyes as two (or the lips as two, for that matter) why the paws as four? And if you're counting everything, there are 5 pads on a paw. So let's see... Two eyes, two lips, one nose, four paws with five pads each, and a partridge in a pear tree, whoops, that adds up to 25 "points" (not counting the partridge or the pears).
Marie, you are toooooo funny! I'd have to get out Tasha's papers and see, but I thought the breeder put down exactly what I had said previously {6points} BUT you know what, I guess I did a stupid post, because I love my Tasha with all my heart, she fills the void of my other Tasha! Needless to say I also have a Pom, who I love also, but not like the maltese. Jay, you as a breeder that doesn't reconize the 6 points, well like I said I'm not going to worry about it, maybe the breeder put it down to make brownie points????
I agree with Marie -- every Maltese should have "25 points"! Marie, your humor is great -- I am still laughing at your post, but I have to stop now, I want to go count my babies' "points".
Rita, Alfie & Murphy
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